Onikaajigan Construction is proud to offer a variety of services to meet each client’s¬†highest expectations and take every¬†project from start to finish, including workforce housing, modular construction, camps, and site services. Learn more about some of our latest projects below.

Left: Beginning stages of construction at Atkinson Road Camp site, started February 2015

Right: Atkinson Road Camp completed, June 5th 2015

Atkinson Road Camp

The construction of a camp built to house 600 workers for the Rainy River New Gold project.

New Gold Rainy River Project- Administration Building

The construction of office space for 100 workers at the Mine Site in Chapple, ON.

New Gold Rainy River Project- Mine Dry

The construction of a laundry, shower, change room, and mining apparel/equipment storage for the use of up to 500 workers at the mine site in Chapple, ON.